Ares Harbour

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Ares harbour
Lat. 43º 25'N - Lon. 08º 15'W

  • SCanal radio: 9
  • Maximum length: 12m
  • Maximum draft: 2m
  • Number of moorings: 341

Modern marina of 341 moorings (22 reserved for transit) and an expected spring of 122 m.
Monitoring, water and electricity. Against Fire and security. The pontoons have magnetic locks.
Supports up to 16 m lengths. The depth is 4 m in mouth and the fingers long and the minimum depth is 2 m.

He has extensive dry dock with a mobile crane of 20 tons and is building a travel-lift of 80 tons, stranded cars and pressure washer for cleaning hulls. Excellent service crew and a new modern clubhouse which houses Captain, Seamen, showers and changing rooms, restaurant, bar and laundry.
Selective harvesting of trash. Oil container. You do not have sewage harvest.

Delivering mail and email during office hours. Daily weather information. Is parked in front of the gates of the docks. It has no fuel pump and you need to approach Sada to make fuel.

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