alt : Ria de Ares

Welcome to Ría de Ares

La Ría de Ares has always been there. Since the first inhabitants realised the potential of the area as a place to live and develop their community, La Ría de Ares, in communion with the land, has provided everything that its inhabitants could ask for. Today, things have changed, but La Ría continues to offer us an exceptional environment for development and the enjoyment of its people and its visitors.

With its maritime tradition, Ares and its ria have all the resources necessary for the majority of nautical recreational activities and truly sustainable nautical tourism, which serve to highlight the potential of the area, as well as contributing to the conservation, protection and restoration of its ecosystem for its inhabitants in the present and the future.

The mouth of La Ría de Ares, a true natural refuge, measures 3.2 m between La Punta de Coitelada and La Punta de Seixo Branco and is divided into two branches: one towards the east - Ría de Ares - and the other towards the south-southeast - Ría de Betanzos. The first is the location of Ares harbour, which is one of the best in the area, offering a large number of mooring spaces and services and extensive experience in organising events and managing the sailing school.

Located a few kilometres from Ares is the fishing village of Redes, which has received numerous awards and accolades for the extraordinary conservation of its traditional buildings. It is a clear example of how the preservation of architectural heritage can become an important factor in diversification and improvement in the quality of life, as it has become a popular tourist destination.