Redes Harbour

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Lat. 43° 2503'N Lon. 08° 12'W

Old and small fishing village, now preserved in Redes around the traditional maritime flavor ....

Located in the inner zone of the Ria de Ares, in its northern coast, the bay Redes offers one safe anchorage deep enough and sandy bottom that allows all kinds of water activities in a natural setting of extraordinary beauty and tranquility.

In the months from May to September winds prevail 1st and 4th quadrant that is well protected, unaffected at this time of year the winds from the S-SO.
The Ría de Ares-Betanzos Sada-located in Galicia, NW Spain, between the Rias de Ferrol and A Coruña not difficult for navigation, with mooring and docking ports safe, having various technical services and assistance to meet navigator needs.

For the approach to the Ria de Ares and homing in the cove of Redes should follow the directions of the nautical chart No. 9290 of the Hydrographic Institute of the Spanish Navy.

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