The municipality of Ares, is located north of the province of A Coruña, in the river that bears the same name, between 43 º 25 'and 43 º 28' northern latitude and 8 º 19 'and 8 º 12' west longitude , forming a peninsula along with the municipality of Mugardos. Bordered on the north by the municipality Fene Mugardos the east and south by the Atlantic Ocean.

It has an area of 18 km2 and its population is divided into three parishes: St. Vincent de Caamouco, San Pedro de San Jose Cervás and Ares, where the capital city, Ares. The town is one of the less extensive in the province of A Coruña, with a population of 4576 inhabitants (census 1996), which gives a high population density, 250.9 people per square kilometer. There are two distinct areas: the eastern half not exceeding 50 meters, except the northeast where there are greater heights. The western half does not show many differences, but its flat topography is interrupted by a band of granodiorite which results in the presence of Montefaro (262 meters). From this we can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of the estuaries of Ares, Ferrol and A Coruña.

Nautical charts
Admiralty: 1111, 1114 | I.H.M.: 4125, 412A, 412, 929 | SHOM: 6665

Daytime Approach

The wide mouth (3.2 M) of the Ares and Betanzos estuary is located between Punta Coitelada and Punta Seixo Branco, facing the seas and winds from the fourth quadrant. This estuary is divided into two branches: one to the S-SE (Betanzos estuary) and another to the E (Ares estuary). The latter leads to the entrance to the port of Ares.

Once in sight of land:

Located one mile to true S from Cabo Prioriño Chico, set a course of 130º until you no longer see the Tower of Hercules. Then, turn gradually 40º to port until you see the end of the breakwater that shelters the port, or the read light on top of it, and set a course for it. The approach is not difficult, as long as you are aware of A Miranda shoal and reefs, located 0.68 M to the S-SW of Punta Miranda, and Catarroso shoal, 0.1 M S-SE of Punta Cruz. To avoid them, simply keep a distance from the coast of just under one mile for the former and half a mile or less for the latter.

Night-Time Approach

Proceed in the same way, taking into account the buoy markers: Coming from the N, sail based on the light from Cabo Prioriño Chico lighthouse (Fl W 5s 36m 23M, visible between 225º and 129.5º), keeping the light on Cabo Prior (Gp Fl(1+2)W 15s 107m 22M) to port as a point of reference. Located one mile to true S of Cabo Prioriño Chico, set a course of 130º until you see the light from the Tower of Hercules lighthouse (Gp Fl(4)W 20s 106m 23M), the oldest active lighthouse in the world. Then, turn gradually 40º to port until you see the light at the end of the breakwater at the port of Ares (Gp Fl(3)R 9s 12m 5M).

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